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 Excellence. Integrity. Transparency.

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Putting My Experiences
to Work for the People of HoCo

I am the mother of two children in the Howard County Public School System. I have a background in science and education as well as the experiences necessary to make sound decisions for our school system to ensure its excellence. My science background has trained me to think critically and analyze data. Science is built on the principles of ethics, honesty, and integrity, which I take very seriously. My experiences with my own students and employees have demonstrated that humility and compassion are crucial. My goal is to increase excellence, integrity, and transparency in our process while advocating on behalf of our students and their families as well as teachers and all staff.

In addition to my experiences in teaching and education, I have a long history of training HCPSS high school students and alumni in my research group with an emphasis on training under-represented minorities in STEM. During the pandemic, I organized for a Nobel Laureate to visit an HCPSS majority minority middle school to support the 7th grade curriculum. I have been a member of our elementary school PTA and our middle school PTSA, currently serving as PTACHC representative for both. I have helped organize an elementary school science fair and advocated for a countywide middle school science fair. I have been a room parent.


And last, but not least, I try to give back to special education families through advocacy as well as advice. I support them on their journey as others have supported me on my family's journey.


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Authority: Elect Julie Hotopp, Treasurer: Karolina DuBois

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